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    No, I am NOT levitating for real -- it is an illusion.

This picture was taken in early 1998 for some marketing
literature at my last high-tech startup company.

(I swear! No more high-tech start-ups! This was the fourth one to go
 bust on me!)

The P.R. director invited some of the technical staff to come
down to the photographer's studio in Boston to pose for a
sales brochure. Sometimes the photographer would ask people
to make up their own poses, just for fun. This was one of mine.
They liked this one so much, they actually ended up using it
in the brochure.

-- Jean Renard Ward
RHS 1969

P.S. (The shirt is the one I just happened to be wearing that day.
      I never have been a slave to other people's idea of what is
      fashionable, I just always buy what's on sale.)

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