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Subject: Re: oh, my gawd, just get a load of ....
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 19:43:25 EDT
From: Cherocreek@aol.com
Reply-To: "Vintage Graduates of RHS"
To: rhsgraduate@listbot.com

Vintage Graduates of RHS - http://www.engl.unt.edu/~leubank/rhs

In a message dated 10/4/99 6:23:34 PM Central Daylight Time,
jrward@alum.mit.edu writes:

<< ... and Hull Barbee, and David Cordell, and Steve Alford, and Kerry
 Martin -- sitting right next to Tommy.>>

Back row (l-r) is Ben Wallace, David Cordell, and Hull Barbee. Front row is
(l-r) Bobby Fleming, Steve Alford (at his fighting weight), Kerry Martin,
and yours truly Tommy Thomas.

<< The concensus seems to be that Kerry was one seriously troubled dude,
 and that both he and other people he came into contact with suffered
 for it. I didn't know that Tommy and Kerry were that close.>>

I knew Kerry fairly well. But he scared me with the extremities of sneaking
out, stealing cars, meeting up with fast girls down on Royal Lane, smoking,
etc., etc. Seems like he wore a black leather jacket too. Not that there's
anything wrong with that.

 -- Jean >>

I don't know. Steve? David?


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