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Maximum Available Desk-to-Eye Distance for Students in Grades One and Two:
Regional Norms and Statistical Comparison to Distance Used for Near Point Screening

Author's current address:

             Dr. Betty Ward, Educational Consultant
             403 FM Road 2453
             Royse City, Texas
             USA 75189-4537
             Phone: 972-636-2706

This is a preliminary posting of the Doctoral Thesis for Dr. Betty Ward, Ph.D. on standards for visual screening for glasses and prescriptions for corrective lenses for school-age children. Our apologies for the formatting problems: we are in the process of converting the original documents to electronic form.

Keywords: vision screening, visual adaptation, elementary school classroom desks and furniture, reading difficulties, reading disabilities, opthamology standards, desk-to-eye distance, children's reading distance

Complete Thesis: PDF (scan 1).

Complete Thesis: PDF (scan 2).

HTML (PDF) Preface

HTML (PDF) Chapter I: Introduction

HTML (PDF)Chapter II: Review of the Literature

HTML (PDF) Chapter III: Methodology

HTML (PDF) Chapter IV: Data Analysis and Results

HTML (PDF) Chapter V: Summary, Findings, Discussion, Conclusions, Implications, and Recommendations

HTML (PDF) References

HTML (PDF) Appendices

HTML (PDF) Curriculum Vitae

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